Justice for Mike Surber

Justice for Mike Surber
This website is dedicated to seeking justice for "Biloxi Mike" Surber, who was mudered sometime around November 10, 2009, in his home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

                                                               Michael L. Surber
                                           January 16, 1955-November 10, 2009
                                        Photos of Mike Surber Competing in 2005 Derby City Classic in Louisville, Kentucky -- Courtesy of OnePocket.org

Police found the longtime casino employee, and pocket billiards
and golf enthusiast dead on Thursday, November 12, 2009.

"The death of 54-year-old Michael Surber was ruled a homicide Sunday,"
[November 15, 2009] said Lieutenant John Flowers of the
Ocean Springs Police Department in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

America's Most Wanted is now helping to seek justice for this capital murder case.

Read all about it: Unknown Mike Surber Killer

The investigation is ongoing.  Please help seek justice for "Biloxi Mike" Surber .                                                                                                             
Please look at these three YouTube videos of the Murder Suspect who is wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt with his hair tied back in a pony tail:

Video No. 1:  Murder Suspect first arrives

Video No. 2:  Murder Suspect plays pool with a local player

Video No. 3:  Murder Suspect talking to Mike Surber, leaving pool room together.

Mike Surber was never seen again.
Murder Suspect

Law enforcement is seeking to question a murder suspect that was last seen with Mike Surber. These photos were captured on surveillance cameras at Skeeter's Billiards on November 10, 2009.

He is described as in his forties or fifties, about 185 pounds, with dirty blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and a receding hairline.  He also was seen wearing two round earrings in his upper right ear.

An eyewitness described the murder suspect as "fairly soft-spoken, not pushy, fairly intelligent, but with an entrusting, beguiling-type demeanor...."

Murder suspect, depicted above, used an alias of "Jericho Cooper."  Law enforcment later found out that it was a stolen identity.

If you know the whereabouts of the murder suspect or have any information about this homicide, please contact:

Ocean Springs Police Department at 228-875-2211.

Help us seek justice for Mike Surber.